Microfibre Fabrics:
A Soft and Comfortable Touch

With a soft and comfortable hand, these fabrics provide comfort as well as function.

The ASF Group is now offering fabrics that are waterproof without a coating. These fabrics are woven to an extremely high density and have a water resistance of over 1000mm (on the ISO 811 Water Column Test). The water repellency and breathability of these fabrics are superior to many of those offered by others.

Microfibre has a soft and comfortable touch.

A definition of Microfibre: It is a nylon, or polyester yarn that has more than one filament per denier.

70 denier / 96 filament (Is a Microfibre yarn)
70 denier / 66 filament (Is NOT a Microfibre yarn)

The Microfibre construction process produces a “micro concave-like” surface which entraps air, thereby resulting in the repelling of water beads from the fabric surface.

Microfibre has excellent water repellency, exceptional durability, a soft hand, a natural luster, and comfortable air permeability.